Getting A Hold On Yourself By Employing Breathing For Stress Relief

By | January 7, 2017

Stress is the number one enemy in the modern world. Stress has become all pervading, be it in the workplace, relationships, or at home in general. The changes that occur in the body and mind during a stress situation are very clear. The chest muscles contract as physical tension builds up in the chest. As a consequence, you begin to take shorter, shallower and sharper breaths.

As stress has become an inseparable part of our lives, we have begun to forget how to breathe normally and take shallow breaths on a regular basis. There are several short term and long-term repercussions of shallow breathing. This leads to fatigue, forgetfulness, indigestion and emotional stress. Neck and shoulder tension rises and a person may hyperventilate. In the long-term analysis it leads to health problems like, asthma, colds and panic or anxiety attacks. Research has also shown that when the body cells are deprived of oxygen to the extent of 60% they may become cancerous. It has also been proved that the key to good health and long life is proper breathing. Rapid breathing leads to further stress, so, it is a vicious cycle that begins with stress and leads to stress.

It goes without saying that the key lies in proper breathing for stress relief. While stress situations in life may largely not be under your control, you can beat stress by developing good breathing habits to create serenity inside yourself.

Yoga, which is an ancient practice emphasizes on breathing techniques for stress relief, pain alleviation and many more issues. Yoga gurus utilize breathing for stress relief, bringing down the heart rate, lower blood pressure, change body temperature and controlling pain. The fundamental aspects that are important are the rate, depth and quality of breathing. Breathing for stress relief works by calming the nerves, oxygenating the body to bring about higher energy levels and greater mental clarity.

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If you wish to utilize breathing for stress relief paying attention to the depth of your breath is important. Ensure that your abdomen moves in and out with each breath. Another important thing is the position or posture of the body. Do not hunch or stoop down, try to remain upright so that your breathing pattern is unhindered and you can derive stress relief benefits. It is advised that while employing breathing for stress relief you should draw in long and rhythmic breaths that are effective in calming the mind and body.

While you may search high and low for stress relief methods, breathing for stress relief is a method that is right there before you. It does not require you to take time out from your hectic schedule nor does it demand any kind of equipments. All that you have to do is remind yourself to breathe the right way while carrying out your day-to-day activities. So, delve deep inside you and use breathing for stress relief to get better control over your life.

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