Blow Away Your Troubles With These Stress Relief Methods

By | January 16, 2017

Stress is the bane of modern society. Ambitions have soared, expectations have risen, failures have become unacceptable, relationships are crumbling and in general no sphere of life remains untouched by stress. In these demanding times it is very important to somehow keep stress under controllable limits. So, while stressful situations may not always be something that you can control, you can try out different stress relief methods to provide you relief.

Relax your muscles:

When stressed, sit comfortably and tense and relax different muscle sets one by one. While using this stress relief method begin with your feet. Tense the muscles and hold for a few seconds then release the tension slowly. Next move on to the legs and repeat the process. Similarly, use this method to tense and relax the torso and arms. Finally clench your teeth and tense the head and slowly let go. You will feel that stress is flowing out of your body as you release the tense muscles slowly.

Look at the sea or any other natural scene:

The seaside is a good place to visit to unwind and relax. Sitting by yourself, watching the waves rolling over is by itself a healing process. If you live inland, a lake or any other naturally beautiful scene will serve the purpose. This method not only helps you calm down but also enables you to connect with nature, something that we have forgotten in modern times.

Walk away your stress:

Get away from a stressful situation, be it in the office or at home and take a walk. Do not engage in conversation and keep your mind free from thoughts of the problems that you are facing. Instead, walk briskly and take in the surroundings; listen to the birds chirping, look at the wild flowers swaying in the wind, enjoy the breeze in your hair, focus on your breathing and your body movements. By the time you reach your office or home in about half an hour, this stress relief method will leave you feeling calm and ready to take on the world again.

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Laugh your heart out:

This is a time-tested remedy for stress. Either hang out with friends or pick up a joke magazine and laugh away your blues. Watching a funny video also helps you unwind and cope better with stress. Realizing the benefits of laughter therapy as a stress relief method, several laughter clubs have come up all around.

Music heals:

It has been scientifically proven that music has healing properties so; you can try this method to calm your mind when troubles get on your nerves. Move into a comfortable position and listen to music. Allow it to soothe your mind and relax you. In this context it is desirable that you listen to soft strains instead of loud music as the latter agitates the mind further and does not allow it to calm down.

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