Side Effects Of Being Addicted To Sleep Medicine

By | June 3, 2017

Lunesta (eszopiclone) is a prescriptive sedative medication which is used to help people get to sleep especially those who are experiencing insomnia. But just like other sleeping supplements in the market, there is a likelihood that it might cause dependence on those who take this medicine.

Addiction to Lunesta comes about when you use the prescriptive medicine over a long period of time and in a higher dose. There is also a high risk of being addicted to this drug if the person has a history of being addicted to alcoholic beverage or drugs. The suggested dosage of Lunesta is 2 to 3 mg, which is normally taken before bed time and taking more than the recommended dosage can be a reason for the addiction.

Symptoms of prescription abuse are unpleasant taste, headache, sleepiness, infections, such as a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), dry mouth, dizziness, heartburn or upset stomach and pain. But there are more alarming unwanted effects of employing this medication such as: chest pain, anxiety or nervousness, suicidal thoughts, confusion, more outgoing or aggressive behavior than normal, unusual behavior, sadness, hallucinations and indications of an allergic reaction, including unexplained rash, itching, hives, wheezing or trouble breathing, or unexplained inflammation. It is better to talk to a physician first before employing any sedative drug or sleeping pills to prevent health risk or becoming addicted to a certain medication.

There are some things to consider before using it to avoid complications from this medicine, Lunesta should be taken before bedtime and a dosage of this medicine should be taken with food or before taking your food. If you are uncertain how to use this drug, try to talk to your physician before taking it. You should also take into consideration if you are pregnant or you are taking other medications because taking it while being pregnant might cause major reactions to the fetus. Nowadays, many companies are boasting to sell generic Lunesta products, these medicines are potentially dangerous because there are no existing generic Lunesta products available in the market.

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Please consider your health first before taking Lunesta or any sleeping supplements or other drugs to avoid health problems. It is better to speak to your doctor first before taking in any kind of medicines and try to consult with your physician about your health history or if you are experiencing any kind of disease. Meticulously consider the eventual outcomes of using the medication, whether it can help you or not because taking a pill might help you for the mean time but taking it for a long time can be addictive and difficult to stop.

These are only several of the facts you should understand about signs of prescription abuse and these could help you have an idea of what to do with an individual which is struggling with lunesta addiction .

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