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Edamame a Perfect Food

For many of us edamame are a little something to nibble on while we are waiting for our real food to be served. Would you be surprised if someone said to you that there is more healthy nutrition in those edamame (young soybeans) than there probably might be in the rest of your meal.  … Read More »

How to Make Parotta at Home? Ingredients and Easy Recipe to Make the Perfect Kerala-Style Malabar Parotta (Watch Video)

Indian flatbreads come in various forms, leavened or unleavened, baked, fried, streamed or slapped. There are many kinds of Indian breads, differing from region to region, with each city putting their own spin on the type of flour used and cooking method applied. Among them is Parotta, a popular flatbread in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.… Read More »

Why Boxing is the Perfect Workout for Women

Why Boxing is the Perfect Workout for Women Why Boxing is the Perfect Workout for Women : Mindfulness Probably not the first thing you think of when you imagine boxing training. However, when you try boxing you’ll find that the challenging nature of the training forces you to be completely in the moment. You may… Read More »

Designing your perfect balcony space

Apartment living is an emerging Australian dream, with more residents forgoing the traditional home and backyard in favour of a modern, connected lifestyle within a cosmopolitan locale. This new era of urban living has encouraged many to get creative and truly personalise their space. The next wave is all about finding new and inventive ways… Read More »