How to Make Parotta at Home? Ingredients and Easy Recipe to Make the Perfect Kerala-Style Malabar Parotta (Watch Video)

By | June 12, 2020

Indian flatbreads come in various forms, leavened or unleavened, baked, fried, streamed or slapped. There are many kinds of Indian breads, differing from region to region, with each city putting their own spin on the type of flour used and cooking method applied. Among them is Parotta, a popular flatbread in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. A good Malabar Paratha is flaky yet fluffy, crisp and soft, at the same time. This unleavened flatbread is the perfect accompaniment to many dishes. So, how to make these flaky thin layers of Parotta at home? In this article, we bring you a quick and easy recipe, ingredients and methods to make the popular South India flatbread that you can complement with variant recipes. Parotas Are Not Rotis’ And Will Have 18% GST! Netizens Express Their Displeasure With Funny Memes and Jokes With #HandsOffPorotta. 

These bounty of parottas that are sold massively in the streets of Kerala or Tamil Nadu are surprisingly easy to make. Of course, as long as you are armed with the right recipe and have a few tricks up your sleeve. The essential ingredients to make the parottas at home are purpose flour (maida), salt, oil and water. Somen included ingredients that enriched the dough is egg, more oil, ghee, milk and to get the fluffy texture, you can add some baking soda or baking powder.

How to Make Parotta at Home?

  • Take maida, sugar, salt and oil and give them the right mix. Add water as required and knead it for about 15 minutes.
  • Cover and let the dough rest for at least one hour.
  • Now, pinch a small ball sized dough and flatten it.
  • Roll the dough thinly. Pull and stretch from sides, making sure they are stretched as much as possible.
  • Grease the parotta with oil.
  • Start to create the pleats on the parotta by folding with the help of fingers.
  • Stretch the pleated dough, as much as possible.
  • Now roll the pleated dough and secure the end by pressing gently.
  • Try pressing the ball into a slightly thin circle with the help of greased palm.
  • Take your chapathi tawa, heat it and place the rolled paratha.
  • After about a minute, flip off and cook the other side.
  • Once the golden brown spots start to appear on both the sides, grease with oil and flip and roast both the sides.
  • Crush the parotta to form layers.
  • Now serve the hot Kerala-style Malabar Parotta at home with the curry of your choice.
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Watch Parotta Recipe Video:

The flaky thin layers of the parottas will trap the coconut curries like Chicken Chettinad and rich meaty stews or the deep South Indian stir-fries. Its crunch and soft texture can make anyone go crazy with each bite.

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