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Damn Hannah Brown Went TF Off on Her Ex-Boyfriends After ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Bachelorette Hannah Brown channelled her rage and smashed a bunch of wine bottles in a rage room to prepare for Dancing with the Stars. After the performance Hannah talked even more about visualizing her exes. In case you’re wondering whether or not Hannah Brown is over her ex-boyfriend drama, the answer appears to be nope!… Read More »

Jed Wyatt Speaks Out About the Hannah Brown/Tyler Cameron/Gigi Hadid Love Triangle

Jed Wyatt just commented on ex-fiancée Hannah Brown’s ~tricky~ relationship with Tyler Cameron, saying, “I want everyone to be happy.” He also says that he was in a “slump” after The Bachelorette aired. The love life of Hannah Brown, national treasure (or, alternatively, as she likes to call herself, “a walking McDonald’s chicken nugget”), has… Read More »