Disposable Pet Shower Caps, Shower, Raining, Swimming, Dogs, 12 Caps in a Pack (Large)

By | February 15, 2018
Disposable Pet Shower Caps, Shower, Raining, Swimming, Dogs, 12 Caps in a Pack (Large)

Hi, I am a high school student in fundraising to save dogs from Asia’s dog meat market. Please try my product CozyEars Disposable Pet Shower Caps and help save lives. All profit will be donated to a local non-profit dog rescue org. A dog with normal skin usually needs a bath once a month. It’s a terrible experience for the dogs and the owners. Many dogs, especially those with overhanging ear flaps and those with pointed ears, can easily get an ear infection. This is the product that solves the headache for dog owners like me. And no more water shaken to your face during the bath. It is more of a ring than a cap. Insert from the dog’s mouth and secure both ends. The strong elastics on both ends, and the space inside the cap makes it possible for it fitting the dogs. Detail on how to use it, please see user guide as in picture. Thanks for checking. Contact me for wholesale price. Feedback is welcomed.

  • Large Size 12″ x 9.5″ x 3″ x 3″ For dogs with big ears or over 25 lb. Great deal – 12 caps inside a package for one year’s usage. Fundraising project of a high school student’s invention. Small size is also available.
  • Made of waterproof, transparent, non-poisonous, safe and soft plastic. Strong enough to be used for multiple times.
  • Covers running water and shampoo from getting into dog’s ears during bath.
  • Effectively prevents dogs from getting ears infections. Provides dogs a much more comfortable bath.
  • Can be stretched to cover dogs’ eyes in shower or bath. Wholesale suppliers. US seller. Patent Pending. Fast Shipping.
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