Damn Hannah Brown Went TF Off on Her Ex-Boyfriends After ‘Dancing with the Stars’

By | October 8, 2019

    In case you’re wondering whether or not Hannah Brown is over her ex-boyfriend drama, the answer appears to be nope! Not so much! The former Bachelorette star transformed into her alter-ego “Hannah Beast” while prepping for her Dancing with the Stars performance with Alan Bersten this week. And by that I mean she smashed a bunch of wine bottles in a rage room and said “These are all my ex-boyfriends.”



    But the fun didn’t stop there. After the performance, Hannah spoke to Entertainment Tonight and was just all, “There were multiple bottles because there were multiple guys,” agreeing with her partner when he said “There actually weren’t enough bottles.”

    Hmmm, wonder who she could possibly be talking about! IDK, maybe Bachelorette winner Jed Wyatt who she ended things with after news of his secret girlfriend came out? Or maybe runner-up Tyler Cameron who was seen leaving her house the morning after a date only to be like “peace” and date supermodel Gigi Hadid? There are honestly so many options to choose from!

    Either way, I’m living for Hannah’s entire vibe right now, and FYI that this bottle smashing comes after her iconic interview with Marie Claire, where she said “I didn’t aspire to be on The Bachelor. I didn’t watch the show. I thought it was for losers truly.”

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