How You Can Help A Man Who Suffers From Erectile Dysfunction

By | June 10, 2017

The internet, newspapers, magazine, TV talk shows and other places are filled with ads or information about what ED is and the promotion of a fast and easy cure. With all this information being passed, many women are now asking, what can I do at help my man if he should experience erectile dysfunction?

The first thing that many doctors will recommend to any male experiencing erectile problems is certain life style changes. Any assistance that a woman can provide in achieving these changes could greatly assist in the treatment of ED.

Lifestyle changes are much easier to accomplish if someone is not trying to do them alone. Working together with someone that you care about to make these changes increases the probability of success in making the change. The most common changes are:

Cutting back or elimination of the use of alcohol, tobacco products and illegal drugs.

Changing prescription medications.

Reducing stress that is experienced by the individual

Improving diet to a more well-balanced diet, including foods from all the recommended food groups while reducing fat, sweets and other non-nutritious foods.

Start or increase exercise or physical activities.

For many men, erectile dysfunction may have been caused by some type of psychological source. A close review of the relationship between the man and woman can expose any number of reasons that could be causing the man to experience stress while trying to achieve an erection.

These reasons may be as normal as concern about financial difficulties or a sickness in the family or work related. However, the problem could be some deeper problem such as unreasonable guilt about something in the past or inhibiting attitudes towards sex which were learned earlier in life and are now surfacing.

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Performance anxiety is also a very common issue that many men are finding ways to cope with. The recent explosion of graphic movies, pornography, romance novels and other media have presented an unrealistic expectation for some men to meet. As their concern for not being able to perform to the level in these various ways increases, it has an effect on their sexual ability.

A close loving relationship, in which expectations are fully understood and reasonable, will do wonders to decrease the stress from performance anxiety and increase the ability of the man to succeed in obtaining and maintaining an erection.

Improvements to the environment and atmosphere in which sexual encounters occur can greatly assist in overcoming any temporary erectile dysfunction that a man could be experiencing. Those things that most women like for a sexual encounter, like a warm room, dim lights, soft music and low stress, will do wonders for improving the sexual encounter.

An understanding attitude in that no matter whatever happens, whether an erection occurs or not, that the man is still important and loved will do wonders for overcoming the problem. If this does not work, after several attempts, the problem could be more serious and you should encourage your man to talk to his doctor for appropriate treatment.

More that 75 % of the men with ED do not seek treatment and instead suffer in silence. Do not let you man be one of these, encourage him to seek the help if he truly needs it.

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