Sleeping pills rule

By | December 20, 2017

You have to admire the marketers. Sometimes, they succeed beyond their wildest expectations. Who would have thought the market for sleeping pills could become so vast. The reason is slightly hard to understand. First, there seems to be an epidemic of insomnia. Millions of people are either pacing from room to room at night in frustration or lying in a bed completely unable to make the counting of sheep pay off. Even allowing for the supposed growth of stress levels in our modern lives, why are so many people having this problem. Sure, over the last two years, the effects of a recession have been sweeping across the land, unemployment is high and credit is tough. But it should not stress out quite so many people and, anyway, this epidemic was at a similar level when the economy was booming. Second, even if we have all these millions of sleepless people, why have they all apparently become dependent on sleeping pills? There are more pills prescribed than there are adults in the US. And that’s before we get to all those people who, like yourselves, buy online without a prescription. In reality, there are more than enough pills to knock everyone out every night for weeks. So what’s happening here? It’s probably two slightly different trends. People have been convinced they have a problem. Just because they are sleeping less and wake feeling more tired than they expect, they believe this is a problem justifying major medication. So, when the marketers come along with a magic solution to this medical problem, it’s just so easy to take a pill and drop into unconsciousness. Once you accept the problem, the solution is a pill. Let’s put the myths up there in lights. “You need eight hours sleep a night.” or “You shouldn’t wake during the night.” Well, who says? Everyone is different when it comes to sleep and how long we sleep is set by circumstances. Many people are happy on six hours a night. Others zone out for ten hours. How often have you gone without sleep before a test or exam, burning the midnight oil in a last effort to cram facts into your head. You did OK the next day without sleep. People can and do cope on less sleep. It’s only if you convince yourself you making yourself ill that you become ill. When you were younger and were looking forward to something special, did you never wake early, jump out of bed and think everything was good about the world. How come you got so old all of a sudden? Really, people should just accept what their body wants as normal. Just be happy with who or what you are. But, if you decide to make a federal case out of it, there’s always Ambien, the all-powerful sleeping pill guaranteed to have you out for the count within 15 minutes. Keeping this real, Ambien really does work. In fact, it’s so effective, you should swallow it and lie down immediately. But ask yourself why you were so unhappy with life you had to take the pill. And are you so much happier the next day? Yes, Ambien is effective, but do you really want to become dependent on it?

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