Exclusive: Timex and Mr Porter Just Revealed a Luxe Version of the Surprisingly Affordable Marlin Watch

By | September 23, 2018

The Timex Marlin is officially having A Moment. The hand-wound watch may be inspired by the good looks of mid-century styles, but it only made its debut in the last year. And since then, it’s been selling out with pretty much every drop, whether it’s a mainline release or a blacked-out collaboration with NYC-based designer Todd Snyder. Now, the folks at Timex and Mr Porter have teamed up on a luxurious new riff on the modern-classic style—and it doesn’t disappoint.

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SHOP $ 200, mrporter.com and timex.com

The new Mr Porter-exclusive timepiece keeps the elements that made the Marlin such a smash hit in the first place—the smaller 34mm diameter, the domed crystal, the textured leather strap—but sends it all into the stratosphere with a gold-toned case that makes it feel especially opulent. This is the kind of watch you could wear to a black-tie gala or a boardroom meeting to raise eyebrows for all the right reasons.

And the kicker? While this new riff on the Marlin looks like a million bucks, it still clocks in at an impressively affordable $ 200. It’ll give you all the style of a high-end dress watch, but won’t leave you snacking on stovetop ramen once you take off your tux. Best of both worlds.

Like I said, the Marlin has a tendency to fly off the shelves, digital or otherwise. So if you need a good watch for all your fancier endeavors this fall, you’ll want to get moving. Something this good never sticks around for long.

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