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Memory helps us evaluate situations on the fly, not just recall the past

Scientists have long known the brain’s hippocampus is crucial for long-term memory. Now a new Northwestern Medicine study has found the hippocampus also plays a role in short-term memory and helps guide decision-making. The findings shed light on how the hippocampus contributes to memory and exploration, potentially leading to therapies that restore hippocampal function, which… Read More »

Can you just diet and lose weight

Hi Cris, Gotta run out the door, but here are a few thoughts: 1. I am 52 years old. One of my boys tries to eat lots of protein. Fruits are very good for you. Women: Women can suffer from the endocrine disorder PCOS — polycystic ovarian syndrome — which elevates testosterone and insulin levels.… Read More »

Can i muscle pain just

There are several reasons that a person might experience pain in their right shoulder and arm. In many cases, the pain will occur as a result of muscle overuse or injury. Pain can also result from damage to the nerves in that area. Shoulder pain is the third leading muscle and bone complaint in the… Read More »

Can arthritis just show up

You may find that it’s hard to do daily tasks you used to can easily, such as climbing stairs or opening a jar. Jut stiffness is often an early sign of arthritis. Many arthritis drugs are used to treat arthritis. That means instead of protecting your body from disease, the immune system turns against arthriits… Read More »