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Signaling molecule may prevent Alzheimer’s

New research in humans and mice identifies a particular signaling molecule that can help modify inflammation and the immune system to protect against Alzheimer’s disease. The work, which was led by investigators at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), is published in Nature. Cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s disease develops when neurons begin to die. “Neuron death… Read More »

5 Successful Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing loss has devastating and detrimental effects on the victim. While some get fewer job opportunities, others struggle with impaired communication, low esteem, and social withdraw. Ear damage happens gradually and with minimal warning indicators. By the time most individuals notice their failing sense of hearing, it almost too late.  It is worth noting that… Read More »

How diet can prevent lung cancer

They included four case-control studies and four cohort studies. It has gradually been recognized that hwo and nutrients play an important prebent in cancer development and progress, and many dietary components are found to be associated with cancer risk [ 6 ]. Int J Cancer. Additionally, subgroup analyses by gender, smoking status and dietary pattern… Read More »