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Thousands of Miles of Pipeline Trying to Push CO2 Underground

According to the globalists, climate change is the No. 1 threat to humanity. They propose radical quality-of-life sacrifices, and the total relinquishment of privacy and freedom is necessary to offset climate change and save humankind. For example, in December 2020,1 Germany’s Health Minister Karl Lauterbach proclaimed that addressing climate change will require restrictions on personal… Read More »

Is This Why Chase Debanked Dr. Mercola?

As previously reported, in mid-July 2023, Chase Bank closed my business accounts, along with the personal accounts of my CEO and CFO — both of whom have been with me for nearly 20 years — and the accounts of their spouses and children. This despite a new Florida law that specifically prohibits financial institutions from… Read More »

Is This the End of Good Beef Products?

The video above is a short excerpt from a Joe Rogan interview (episode 2062) with Will Harris, the owner of a regenerative farm called White Oak Pastures, and his daughter Jenni Harris. In it, they discuss the ramifications of not having country of origin labeling on beef. Twenty-five years ago, White Oak Pastures was the… Read More »

Why Flight Attendants Are More Prone to Cancer Than the General Population

Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint. It was originally published February 27, 2019. While many professions have health risks, some have a particularly high risk for cancer. Female firefighters aged 40 to 50 are six times more likely to develop breast cancer than the national average, for example, thanks to the high levels of… Read More »