Anxiety Cures

By | November 20, 2017

If you have an anxiety issue I know how hard it can be you. For a long time in my life I suffered with fear, obsession and panic and it was so hard at times to get through the day.

I’m glad to say that today things are going allot better for me and I would love to share what I have learned along the way in the hope that it will help you to heal from anxiety too, and find peace again.

I have outlined below some of the anxiety cures that I have used over the years to help me.

1) The power of energy therapies

By far the most powerful thing that I discovered over the years for healing anxiety is the power of eft. Eft can frequently work when everything else has failed. It certainly did for me. The idea with Eft is that traumatic events get stuck in out body and mind when we experience something traumatic in our lives. The result is that we end up with all sorts of emotional or physical problems and anxiety is just one the possible things that can happen after this traumatic event. By focusing on what is bothering you and tapping on specific points on the body you can gain a great relief as the energy shifts in your body/mind and you come back to balance.


2) The power of counselling

When you’re suffering with anxiety it can really help to talk to someone like a counsellor. If possible I would go to someone who specialises in anxiety if that’s possible. Awareness is one of the key things that’s necessary to heal anxiety, and seeing a counsellor can really help to bring about awareness. Sometimes people outside of us can see things about ourselves that we can’t see ourselves, so it can really help.

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3) Asking ourselves questions

When you can take some time by yourself and do some internal dialogue it can open up the door to what is driving all this anxiety and help you to overcome the problem. When you’re alone, take some time and ask yourself, what’s the root of all the anxiety that you are feeling or what’s the deepest thing you are feeling is. When you do this is can help you get to the bottom of your anxiety problem and help you start to heal anxiety.


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