Acid Reflux Diet Plan For Heartburn Symptoms

By | November 9, 2016

If you are having regular burst of acid reflux, it’s probably related to the poor choice of food you eat. And the best way to eliminate heartburn is knowing how to create a good acid reflux diet plan.

Years ago, I though antacid-tablets and pharmaceutical prescriptions would cure my heartburn symptoms. I was wrong, Drugs are not the solution for permanent relief, the best way is to work at the root of your problem which in my case was to change my poor eating habits.

I didn’t know that poor eating habit could cause acid reflux. It was one of my friends who advised me to change my eating habit. It was then that I discovered one of the best natural ways to stop acid reflux: natural organic food.

An acid reflux diet plan will provide you with the right encouragement and motivation to accomplish your goal, which is to eliminate heartburn for good.

To find out what is the best acid reflux diet plan, you will ultimately need to know the type and group of foods that cause a negative acid reflux reaction in your body. Subsequently, this will allow you to create an acid reflux diet plan that is best suited for your needs.

Making your own acid reflux diet plan is quite simple. However, you will need to change specific eating habits.

The first thing you need to do is to avoid certain food. This may appear to be a great sacrifice. However, the sacrifice is nothing when compared with the pains and discomfort associated with acid reflux.

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So here is a list of common foods that trigger acid reflux :
. Coffee – Caffeine products and drinks are unfortunately among the foods you will need to reduce if you want to improve your heartburn symptoms.
. Tomatoes – tomatoes are highly acidic and will only add more episodes of acid reflux. The worst thing you can do is to eat a big spaghetti meal just before going to sleep.

– Creams and ice cream – Cherry Cream Cheese Pie, Ice cream, fudge sauce, peanuts and whipped topping desserts, all of these heavenly tasty deserts are products that make your mind scream for more. However, you will need to listen to your tummy more often, because your stomach is imploring you to stop.
– citrus drinks such as orange juice, cranberry juice, Grapefruit juice, are highly concentrated in acid, and can cause a flaring motion of acid reflux and burning pain.
– Stay far away from fast food Restaurant, most of them offers greasy, fatty process foods that are known to linger inside your stomach.

Enough of the bad, now let’s take a trip on the other side and see what foods are considered safe for acid reflux sufferers.
– just about any type of raw vegetable is good for the digestive system, they provide additional enzymes your body needs to help the process of digestion.
– white bread and unsalted soda biscuits are good to absorb excessive production of acid stomach.
– non citrus fruits- meaning fruits that are not considered acidic like; bananas, papayas, apricots, avocados, apples, watermelons, dates, figs, peaches, pears, pineapples, strawberries, coconuts
– a good healthy source of protein that is safe for acid reflux sufferers is; Egg whites.
– fat free products are a way to keep in touch with ice cream and cheese, still don’t overindulge.

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For a successful acid reflux diet plan, you will need to eat smaller portions of foods more often throughout the day. And avoid eating three hours before going to bed.

Developing a good acid reflux diet plan will promote a healthy living style, which eventually eliminates your acid reflux problems without spending unnecessarily on pharmaceutical drugs.

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