Accutane Side Effects Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis May Merit An Accutane Lawsuit

By | August 19, 2017

Since 1982, Americans have taken a “miracle” acne treatment medicine labeled Accutane. Consumed orally and dispensed via prescription, the potent drug Accutane was supposed to banish blemishes, zits, pimples and other acne through active ingredient Isotretinoin. It enabled skin to renew itself, increase the body’s Vitamin A and lessened the release of oil by the body’s glands.

Sadly, the cost of better-looking skin became extreme. Many Accutane users endured many damaging Accutane side effects, including inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD. Such IBD’s included ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn’s Disease, which are debilitating, lifelong conditions. Many Accutane victims had to have multiple surgeries and some even had their colon removed. Yet these same victims often did not know that their horrible ailment was due to an acne treatment called Accutane.

But that’s changing with revelations about the cover-ups and blatant negligence of huge Swiss-based pharmaceutical company Roche Pharmaceuticals, the world’s original producer of Accutane. Now victims of Accutane side effects are waging defective drug lawsuits and Accutane lawsuits against Roche, and are holding the drug manufacturer accountable for its willful negligence. And victims are winning the fight.

Accutane Victims Fight Back In Accutane lawsuits

Already, jury awards of a total of $ 56 million have gone to victims in Accutane lawsuits. One solitary Accutane victim from Alabama, in February of 2010, was given a jury award of more than $ 25 million in his Accutane lawsuit. The man had undergone five surgeries for IBD, and one of them removed his colon. Yet this would not have happened without dangerously defective drug Accutane.

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Roche was well aware of Accutane’s debilitating side effects injuries, yet Roche kept marketing its highly profitable product. As other large pharmaceutical companies have done, Roche was content to pay millions in damages down the line, since it was already making billions on its defective drug. In fact, even with large jury awards, Accutane ultimately may remain profitable for Roche, which has made profits of up to $ 1.2 billion per year via its dangerously defective drug, Accutane.

Faced with Accutane lawsuits and with inroads made by generic Accutane products after its patent expired, Roche in 2009 removed Accutane from the market in America, though it still sells the defective drug in many other countries. Yet generic Accutane remains available in America, including Amnesteem, Claravis and Sotret. All Accutane type generics contain harmful Isotretinoin, the active ingredient of Accutane.

Defective Drug Attorneys Can Aid In An Accutane Lawsuit

Juries in Accutane lawsuits have rightly held that Roche did not adequately alert consumers about its defective drug’s dangerous side effects. In the event you or a relative is such a victim, contact a defective drugs lawyer via and pursue monetary compensation to which you are legally entitled. This can cover your medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

To get started, submit the free case review form at or call, toll-free, to 1 (800) 339-0606. A legal representative will respond promptly to assist you in sizing up your case for a possible Accutane side effects lawsuit. You could be entitled to financial award for your losses due to a pharmaceutical corporation putting greed and profits above its customers’ safety and health. can supply an Accutane lawyer or defective drug lawyer to victims of Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche in each of America’s 50 states. Check out or call 1 (800) 339-0606 and launch the process of gaining your Accutane side effects injury recovery.

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