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‘It’s just one study’: Why experts say it’s not time to give up on fluoridation

York University psychology professor Christine Till, the lead author of a Canadian study that made waves internationally because it found a link between exposure to fluoridated drinking water during pregnancy and lower IQs in children, is “shocked” at the way it has been characterized. The study measured the levels of fluoride in about 500 pregnant… Read More »

WATCH: Angela Merkel spotted shaking for second time

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was filmed shaking uncontrollably for the second time in just as many weeks, leading to questions about her health. Earlier this month, Merkel, 64, was caught on camera trembling while standing outside with the Ukrainian president. She blamed the shaking at the time on dehydration, although others speculated that it could… Read More »

The Power Of Purpose: How Kinsa Is Tackling Illness in Real Time With Innovative Technology

Inder Singh, Founder of Kinsa Kinsa Kinsa is an innovative San Francisco-based start-up (backed by Kleiner Perkins, First Mark Capital and Founder Collective) creating a real-time health map by leveraging its smart thermometers to get a sense of where people are experiencing the flu (using anonymous data). Their “illness signal” beats the CDC on timing by weeks and… Read More »

Newborn baby dies from SYPHILIS in Britain 'for the first time in decades'

Newborn baby dies from SYPHILIS in Britain ‘for the first time in decades’ as cases rise by 20% in a year Cases of the sexually transmitted infection are at their highest since the 1940s Growing numbers of women are passing it on to their babies during pregnancy This is the ‘first time in decades’ it… Read More »