Why You Should Be Worried About Antibiotic Resistance?

By | August 1, 2017

Antibiotics are important for treating numerous infections, but they are losing their efficacy. Do you know, why? Bacteria come back by adapting and finding new ways of surviving the effects of drugs. The viruses are smart and over the time, they become resistant to antibiotics. People make the condition worst with overuse and misuse of these drugs. They do not take necessary actions to tackle this risky condition.
Antibiotics are used for more than seventy years to treat patients suffering from infectious disease. Many pharmaceutical companies are involved in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of antibiotic drugs. Best antibiotic manufacturing company produces excellent quality and highly effective antibiotic drugs which are used to treat respiratory infection, urinary infection, skin infection, soft tissue infection etc.
These days, antibiotic resistance has become a global issue and risk to healthcare. This problem is somehow affecting us all frankly. For example, if someone is given antibiotics when he/she doesn’t require it, it might cause the risk of carrying bacteria (antibiotic resistant) in their gut. If these bacteria cause an infection, antibiotics may not work effectively when someone really need them. Unfortunately, antibiotic medicines have been liable to misuse. They are many times, unnecessarily prescribed for mild viral infections, against which they become less effective.
Another reason is when diagnoses are not done properly, and wrong or broad spectrum of antibiotics is prescribed. These antibiotics kill a huge proportion of different bacteria and not only the bacteria which is responsible for the disease as the actual contributory micro-organism is not known. Misuse of antibiotic drugs may cause the emergency situation. Doctors around the world now are facing situations where patients suffering from infectious disease cannot be treated effectively as the responsible bacterium is completely resistant to available antibiotics.
Organ transplants are miracle of advanced medicine, but here also, antibiotics are required to help a transplant patient to survive and recover fast. The reason is that the transplant process itself may cause infection but again as patients get drugs that intentionally restrain their immune system to make sure that their body must accept their new organ. This repression of the immune system makes a person more prone to bacterial infections. Transplants would become more unsafe or even impossible, if we lose antibiotics. No new group of antibiotic drugs has launched in the pharmacy shelves for quite some time. Even, if people find more drugs simply by replacing old antibiotics with fresh ones is not the only solution because they could also turn ineffective.

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