What Causes Lower Back Pain?

By | April 30, 2017

Lower back pain is something that millions of Americans face everyday. This condition that affects the daily routine of people is one of the major reasons that jobs are foregone for the day. Varying degrees of pain can be observed in different instances when this condition strikes there are some instances when the pain just disappears days after it has first shown sign of itself and there are others when it nags the sufferer for months. The first instance can be considered as short-term or acute pain while the second is termed as chronic or recurring pain.

Even if one is feels a slight pain or discomfort, the situation should not be taken lightly because if left unattended it might become worse. Lower back pain is caused by a lot of factors. A common reason of pain is that bone strength and muscle elasticity decrease with age due to which, there is less cushioning between the vertebrae and results in nerve compression and muscle irritation. Pain occurs when there is excessive strain on the back or if the back is subjected trauma or a recent injury. This strain is caused either when an individual lifts a heavy object which stretches the ligaments and muscles in the back, which in extreme cases leads to a ruptured disc.

Scar tissues resulting from a back injury seldom regain the strength of a normal tissue which adds to the weakening of the back. However, there are other diseases which cause back pain, a few of them being arthritis, osteoporosis, infections, joint irritations, and abnormalities. Pain can also be caused by other more common factors such as stress, poor posture, poor sleeping positions and obesity. As mentioned earlier, back pain should not be taken for granted because it can be an indicator of an even more serious health problem. Seeking professional help is recommended especially if the pain is accompanied by fever, cough and weakness.

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Lower back pain is not specific to a general age group. Children though not really prone to experiencing back pains can be exposed to excessive muscle strain caused bu carrying heavy backpacks. To prevent back straining, it is suggested that children be made to carry lighter backpacks and equally distribute the load throughout their body.

In conclusion, anyone is susceptible to back pain. As back pain is neither gender specific, both men and women are also affected by this condition. It is beneficial to know that as aging is directly proportional to increase in back pain. It can be helpful to understand that dealing with this condition is easier nowadays because there are several medications that can be diagnosed to alleviate back pain. There are also techniques like chiropractics and acupuncture that are known to help relieve pain. Whatever method one chooses to relieve people of this condition is generally acceptable as long as the final result is freedom from back pain.

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