Guys Get Real About What It's Like to Use a Fleshlight

By | February 12, 2019

Fleshlights—a sex toy brand name that has become a catch-all term for masturbation sleeves to stick your penis in—have a bit of a bad rep. Many people think of them as creepy (I guess because many of them look like disembodied vaginas in tubes—but why are we judging people for being into this? It doesn’t harm anyone!). And, many people think of guys and people with penises who use sex toys as creepy, too.

Well, this is frankly ridiculous. Masturbation is normal and healthy—and a sex toy could make it feel even better, or at least change up the experience now and then. So here are 11 men explaining what it’s really like to use a masturbation sleeve.

1.”No where close to the real thing, but better than your hand IMO. It feels great especially depending on the lube, but it is not as convenient as your hand, may cost a decent amount and require clean up and maintenance after each use. So if you’re not into doing that latter or have spare change to toss around, then I would not recommend it.” [via]

2.”No relation to the real thing, but better than your hand. Clean up is annoying, so expect it to be an occasional use item and not a frequent one.” [via]

3.”There are some that provide a sensation the real thing can’t either. I know there is a lot of stigma behind men and sex toys, but I think at least it’s good to have one for health reasons.” [via]

4.”TENGA has a line of ‘eggs’ which are fairly cheap if you want to try something similar before spending on the higher price tag. TENGA’s line of fleshlights also look nicer to me than the disembodied vaginas that other brands have.” [via]

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5.”In my opinion, they don’t feel anything like the real thing. There’s too much head stimulation which I don’t really like.” [via]


Flight Pilot Male Masturbator


$ 54.99

6.”I have the Dominica C Fleshlight, it’s pretty good I gotta admit. Minus the warmth and the whole body and mental connection it’s way better than jerking off.” [via]

7.”Not that great, and considering the clean up required I’d rather just use my hand. They are fun the first couple times but once the novelty wears off they are pretty meh.” [via]

8.”Nothing like the real thing and they make noises which gets pretty distracting when you’re trying to focus. It has air holes in it and it makes a noise like heavy breathing…but hey some people might be into it. I found it to be kind of funny. Definitely can’t use it without someone knowing though.” [via]

9. “Fleshlights feel great. TENGA Cups are supposed to be comparable. Most of the others I have tried don’t feel nearly as good.” [via]

10.”Not as good as the real thing but a game changer. The hand pales in comparison.” [via]

11.”Better than your hand. I would recommend trying one.” [via]

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