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Heart risk perception improve diet

Perception of cardiovascular risk following a percutaneous coronary improve A cross sectional study. Involvement heart the family unit as a motivator for dietary and lifestyle jeart perception identified to have important benefits through demonstrating supportiveness or as mutually-implied inter-family accountability. Qualitative analyses were conducted by an independent experienced qualitative researcher using NVIVO 10 and expanded… Read More »

3 ways CBD can improve your sex life

CBD may be a well known aid for stress and anxiety, but it’s also great for what goes down in the bedroom. Here are 3 ways CBD can improve your sex life CBD is one of the hottest trends to date and one of the fastest growing wellness supplements on the planet – literally everyone… Read More »

Can diet improve a person’s vaginal health?

Certain foods and drinks contain compounds that may improve vaginal health and symptoms of vaginal conditions. These include probiotics, prebiotics, and fermented food and beverages. The vagina uses natural secretions, immune defenses, and “good” bacteria to keep itself healthy. Eating a healthful, balanced diet might also further prevent infections and improve vaginal conditions. This article… Read More »