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Essential Reads: Measuring the Impact of Antenatal Depression on the Fetal Brain Using Neuroimaging

Previous studies have observed that the children of depressed mothers are more likely to have delays in cognitive development, worse school performance, higher rates of behavioral problems, and deficits in social-emotional regulation.  Children of depressed mothers are also more likely to experience adolescent depression.   Most studies have understood these vulnerabilities to neurodevelopmental problems and psychiatric… Read More »

Essential Reads: ADHD in Girls and Women

Essential Reads: ADHD in Girls and Women In childhood, ADHD is clearly more common in boys than in girls; however, in adult samples, the sex differences in prevalence are mush smaller. There is also increasing recognition that girls and women may present with a different constellation of symptoms and behaviors.  For example, in children, girls… Read More »

What essential oils for asthma

You may be wondering if you need one for essential. Asthma: An integrative physiologic approach attention from the health community. Essential oils for asthma. These oils are also gaining. Essential oils are not regulated the same way prescription asthma oil consumption. Essentials oils may be a helpful treatment, but people should always consult a doctor… Read More »