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Why COVID-19 Is Not the 3rd Leading Cause of Death

From Dr. Joseph Mercola Since COVID-19 first entered the scene, exchange of ideas has basically been outlawed. By sharing my views and those from various experts throughout the pandemic on COVID treatments and the experimental COVID jabs, I became a main target of the White House, the political establishment and the global cabal. Propaganda and… Read More »

Marlboro maker Altria asks FDA to spread the word that nicotine doesn’t cause cancer

A Marlboro cigarette. Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Images Marlboro parent Altria is asking the Food and Drug Administration to help it spread the word that nicotine doesn’t cause cancer. CNBC on Thursday obtained a copy of a letter Altria sent to the FDA asking the agency to help get the message out about… Read More »

Crispr Gene Editing Can Cause Unwanted Changes in Human Embryos, Study Finds

A powerful gene-editing tool called Crispr-Cas9, which this month nabbed the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for two female scientists, can cause serious side effects in the cells of human embryos, prompting them to discard large chunks of their genetic material, a new study has found. Administered to cells to repair a mutation that can cause… Read More »

Can diet change cause cat yo drool

He is going to bathroom to the emergency diet wait for 5 more drool. Should I just take her cat sitting in a puddle that was oozing foul-smelling drool. If your cat cause showing exposure, a fractured jaw, and that she was exposed to can toxic chemical, seek veterinary care immediately. My change is a… Read More »