Some Knowledge about HCG Diet Plan

By | January 1, 2018

Nowadays, more and more people are much are interest to use HCG diet for weight loss, but before the applying of HCG diet, you shall know some knowledge about HCG diet plan to guild you for achieve fruitful result.
“The HCG diet plan consists of regular doses of the hormone HCG along with following a 500 calorie a day diet”, this is the definition of what Dr. Simeons gives and always suggests. Dr. Simeons is the founder of HCG, HCG diet and other weight loss products related with HCG. He also explains the reason why only 500 calories are needed is because the body is already pulling at least 2000 calories from the body’s stored fat to use as energy.
Dr. Simeons also emphasis another issue for HCG diet plans. He mentions, since you are only consuming 500 calories on the HCG diet plan, there are certain foods that you need to avoid and certain foods that you need to eat. The foods that you are required to eat on the diet plan are the ones that will help restore your body back to its normal balance of burning fat. That鈥檚 the reason why HCG diet plan can achieve so large success for weight loss.
Dr. Simeons recommend that along with the protein, for HCG diet plan you can choose from a list of vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, and celery, but only one kind of vegetable should be eaten with a meal. Do not add any oil or fats to cook these vegetables, instead boil, grill, or steam them. Along with the vegetables, a small apple, small grapefruit, and a cup of strawberries can be eaten as long as they are organic.
Anyways, above is the introduction for HCG diet plan, hope this can support you for your weight loss finally.
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