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By | January 15, 2020
  • Jason Aldean says making diet changes with the help of a nutritionist helped him get “back more to [what] my normal size would be” after unhealthy eating on tour.
  • The country star says eating fewer carbs, more protein-rich foods, and cutting back on sugar helped boost his metabolism and energy levels.
  • Aldean also said he prefers fun workouts compared to an intense routine.

    As a father of four and touring artist, Jason Aldean is committed to making healthier choices in 2020. In his younger days, it was easy for him to chow down on backstage pizza after closing a late show without consequence. But now, at 42, those habits are quicker to catch up with him.

    So, the country star decided enough was enough and met with a nutritionist to help him carve out better eating habits. After they examined his regular diet together, they came to a surprising conclusion: He wasn’t eating enough.

    “Being on the road, you just fall into this groove of just eatin’ like crap all the time,” Aldean said in an interview with ABC News. “[Eating] at the wrong time of day … when you come off stage at night.”

    With that in mind, he began incorporating a more balanced meal plan into his daily routine and started eating “way more than [he] ever did before.” Healthy foods, of course. “All of the sudden, [my] metabolism fired back up,” he continued. “I’m back more to [what] my normal size would be now.”

    Some of his regular meals include four eggs with avocado for breakfast, followed by a protein bar a few hours later. “I’ll eat fish and salmon and broccoli or something for lunch, and another protein bar a couple hours later,” he said. “A lot of protein, a lot of vegetables, not a lot of carbs and not a lot of sugar. It’s really not rocket science.”

    In an interview with Parade, Aldean said he can already tell that his improved diet has impacted his energy levels on the road. “Playing shows and traveling as much as we do takes a lot out of you energy wise,” he said. “When you feel good, you have more fun out there. And to me that’s what it was all about.” He has an on-the-road chef who keeps a list of certain foods stocked up for him on the tour bus, which makes staying consistent with his regimen relatively easy. “And then I just try to stick to it when I’m at home too,” he added.

    His diet might be the main contributor to his new physique, but Aldean is consciously making healthier lifestyle decisions all around. He told Parade that he drinks a lot of water to keep his energy up, and makes sure that he gets enough sleep. “Sleep I think is one of the main keys for me,” he said.

    He also takes vitamins daily. “I get up and eat breakfast and take vitamin packs and it’s everything from vitamin C to B vitamins and multivitamins,” he said. “It’s a pack of about 12 things that I take every day.” He says they ultimately keep him from meeting the mid-day and end-of-the-night crashes that he always used to face.

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    When it comes to working out, Aldean doesn’t have an intense routine. He’d rather check in to a local YMCA and play basketball with the band. “I can get on a treadmill and run for 10 minutes and then I’m over it,” he said. “But I can play basketball for three hours and have fun and it doesn’t feel like I’m working out. So I’d rather do things like that.”

    The country star recently announced his 2020 We Back Tour, which kicks off on January 22 in Riviera Cancun, Mexico.

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