Digital Marketing Will Always Have A Brighter Side”, Says Blogger Pulkit Trivedi

By | January 15, 2020
Digital Marketing Will Always Have A Brighter Side”, Says Blogger Pulkit Trivedi

Digital Marketing Blogger Pulkit Trivedi (Photo Credits: File Photo)

There are a few who become businessmen and there are some exceptions who are born with business minds. Pulkit Trivedi is one among those exceptions who has got tremendous experience in the field of social media. He is a Gujarati man and business has been in his blood. Born and brought up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, he pursued his studies in Information Technology and is an active social media member of the ruling party of his state, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). His main forte has been into marketing and he loves to market anything and everything, be it a product or a public figure.

Besides being a digital marketing expert, he is a full-time blogger. Having said that, he is a great orator and loves to inspire people with his speeches. “Let your work speak for itself. Being successful doesn’t mean that you should be recognised by everyone. Even if you can bring an impact on a few people, you are successful”, said Pulkit. To gain advanced knowledge, he pursued his MBA in marketing and completed the Doctor of Philosophy. With a pretty good experience, the digital marketing expert surely knows what kind of content would work on the internet.

Sharing his views about the flourishment of social media, he said, “You see, now everything and everyone is going digital. Who wouldn’t like to market himself or his products digitally? Most of the people have access to the internet and one can promote his brand on social media to gain popularity. Digital marketing will always have a brighter side.” Pulkit who also takes up a lot of freelance projects was asked if he would like to start something of his own. To this, he replied “Never say never when opportunities knock the door. If and when the right time comes, I am surely going to start my own marketing agency.”

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