How low is blood pressure dangerous

By | June 25, 2020

how low is blood pressure dangerous

Children experience this form of hypotension more often than adults. Stroke Facts: Higher Rates in Young May 18, by John Fernandez. Who is affected by low blood pressure? Official sodium recommendations have been controversial. Pressure, vomiting, severe dangerous, overuse of diuretics and low exercise can all lead to dehydration, a potentially how condition in which your body loses more water than you take in. Low blood pressure hypotension can occur in anyone, though certain types of low blood pressure are more common depending on blood age or other factors.

Hypotension is low blood pressure. Your blood pushes against your arteries with each heartbeat. And the pushing of the blood against the artery walls is called blood pressure. But low blood pressure can sometimes make you feel tired or dizzy. In those cases, hypotension can be a sign of an underlying condition that should be treated. Blood pressure is measured when your heart beats, and in the periods of rest between heartbeats.

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Low blood pressure might seem desirable, and for some people, it causes no problems. However, for many people, abnormally low blood pressure hypotension can cause dizziness and fainting. In severe cases, low blood pressure can be life-threatening. A blood pressure reading lower than 90 millimeters of mercury mm Hg for the top number systolic or 60 mm Hg for the bottom number diastolic is generally considered low blood pressure. The causes of low blood pressure can range from dehydration to serious medical disorders. It’s important to find out what’s causing your low blood pressure so that it can be treated.

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