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Science’s #1 Cure For Poison Ivy

by drcw Expert and amateur hikers and campers alike are familiar with the dangers of poison oak, ivy, and sumac. In fact, it’s the first merit badge many Cub Scouts get. For good reason: the aggravating rash, welts, and itch can stay with you for FAR too long and drive you up a wall. While… Read More »

Miracle of Aloe Miracle Ointment Aloe First Aid Cream 2 Oz. For Cuts, Scrapes, Insects, Bites, Poison Ivy and Burns with Lotion Skin Repair Cream Non scaring. No Medicine Cabinet Should Be Without It, Helps Speed Healing and Reduce Scarring. It’s Like Having a Live Aloe Plaint in a Jar. Fast Cooling Soothing Relief. Repairs Wounds Fast.

Miracle of Aloe’s Miracle Ointment provides safe, effective, temporary first aid relief from the pain and irritation caused by minor burns, sunburn, chafing, scrapes, poison ivy and oak blisters and non-poisonous insect bites. This gentle ointment cools, soothes and reduces itching while 70% UltraAloe helps accelerate the healing process and reduces scarring by promoting the… Read More »