What are the Benefits of Wing Chun Practice Wooden Dummy?

By | September 24, 2018

Wing Chun is a martial arts style that mainly focuses on self-defense techniques. In these techniques, Wooden Dummies are the most significant. We all know that practice makes perfect and to practice Wing Chun Mook Jong plays the role of a practice dummy that represents a human. In Wing Chun, fighting techniques are improved when you practice your techniques in the wooden dummy, which allows the fighter to train their body in the right way. Wing Chun wooden dummies are very special and if you are thinking to buy one for yourself, let me tell you what you can do improve with a Mook Jong.


You can practice the one specific move over and over on a dummy without worrying about hurting something. Also, practicing the same movement over and over again creates muscle memories with which your body learn the ability to respond automatically with the same move. Speed is essential in this and every other form of martial arts. In this form of martial arts speed helps to put your weight behind to generate more brute force.


By practicing on a wooden dummy enables the fighter to learn how to position their body in relation to the opponent correctly. This way both arms can be used together. It concedes better judgment and right distance. The accuracy of your moment in a split second could make all the exception to you being able to dodge an attacker or not.


With the help of practice, wooden dummy fighters can use the proper application of the force. They will learn about the impact of force from all the different angles, different positions, and able to improve their footwork. This will ultimately develop the full body control. Body power is attained with the help of speed and force combined, and it plays a vital role in movements of this martial arts style.

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The dummy is excellent to train timing and how to move smoothly from one move to another. This can make a huge exception to the amount of work needed to be successful.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a way that emphasizes the improvement of skill and coordination rather than power and brute force. The person who trains on a dummy can learn to deflect and redirects the opponent’s attack while delivering their moves concurrently. Even though the Wing Chun dummy is still a target but it helps the person learning Wing Chun to develop skills that are needed for free sparing by memorizing how to combine footwork patterns and arm moves smoothly together that divert and attack.

To be strong as a fighter in any style of martial arts-specific attributes and qualities are required to achieve success. These cover the main 4 requirements of speed, power, timing, and accuracy. With the help of practice Wing Chun dummy and Wing Chun Equipment, you’ll be able to work on your moves.

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