Trees And Their Importance For A Healthy Environment

By | April 1, 2017

Trees, Trees and more trees. Everywhere you go I’m sure you are surrounded by trees. Trees are very important for the environment and for us as well. Many of you may already know that trees help us to breathe, but have you ever wondered why or how? Trees are just like us, they need to breathe! So, when a tree is planted instead of breathing in the oxygen that we breathe, they breathe in carbon dioxide. Since they are breathing in carbon dioxide as opposed to oxygen when they exhale they let out that oxygen, that in turn helps us to breathe. Not only do trees help us to breathe, but they can also help to provide habitats for birds and other wildlife. Birds, that want to stay up high away from other predators, can make a high up home to keep themselves away from danger. Without trees birds would not be able to do this!

You can also look at it this way… trees show the changing seasons.

Before the world had determined the different seasons and when they would begin, trees were already doing this! You can tell from the trees around you when it’s winter, spring, summer or fall. I’m sure the fall trees are your favorite with their many different shades of elaborate colors!

Trees can also help to prevent water pollution!

When it begins to rain, trees actually stop the rain from hitting the ground first, the rain will first run along the trees trunk before it hits the ground. This helps by preventing the amount of pollutants brought to the ocean from stormwater. With pollution on the rise, it is important to remember the many ways that we can prevent it, and trees are already doing just that for us!

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Trees can also provide great fruit!

Have you ever had an apple tree or a tree that grows oranges? These fruits that are grown on trees are always more delicious than store bought fruit! That is why having a tree that can provide you with free delicious fruit can also be beneficial. Most important of all, having a tree that grows apples or oranges will save you money in the long run, by saving how much you spend on fruit at the grocery store while still helping the environment at the same time!

I hope now you have been able to see the many benefits that the trees around us provide! If you are interested in learning more information on how to become healthy, or how to keep the environment healthy visit my blog at!

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