Lose Weight With Acai Berry Capsules

By | January 2, 2018

I rose to 270 pounds on my 25th birthday and I am only 5′ 8″ tall. It wasn’t exactly the birthday present I had been hoping for. Since that time, (I am thirty nine now), I have struggled with my weight and have bounced up and down like my five year old’s yoyo. During the past fourteen years, I have tried every fad diet and exercise machine known to man. Sometimes I lost weight, sometimes it was even a significant weight loss. But every time, the weight eventually came back. About a year ago, my friend told me about using acai berries to aid in my weight loss efforts. He told me that it would work. I told him that I have heard that before but I decided to try anyway.

Amazingly, I did lose weight with acai berry capsules. I couldn’t believe that it was actually working. What I discovered afterward may be the secret of success for you too. The main reason why I struggled for so many years wasn’t lack of will power, bad advice, or even a slow metabolism. I failed to lose weight because my colon wasn’t allowing me too.

All the food we eat every day has to be digested and then passed through our systems. If our colons are not clear, it takes longer for the food to pass through and allows it to sit in our bodies where it turn into fat and be absorbed by our bodies. Plus, a stuck colon will also hold more and more dried feces on the colon walls making it more stuck and adding to our overall body weight. I can’t believe I never knew this before.

Acai berries are extremely high in natural soluble fiber which naturally allows our colon to cleanse itself, making weight loss much easier. I noticed a difference within two weeks of taking my acai berry supplements and didn’t look back. Today, I am down to 195 and I am feeling incredible.

Acai Berries are Just an Aid!