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By | March 19, 2017

Pain can be disabling and chronic pain, even more so. When you’re suffering from pain, you may be confused who to turn to for help. Should you see an orthopedic, a chiropractor, a physical therapist or your primary care physician? People often wonder who would be the best doctor with the expertise, knowledge and tools to best help them find relief from bone and joint pain.
In such cases, the best answer may be a pain management specialist. The pain medicine specialty has made fast advancements, along with innovations in medicine and technology, which have made it possible to offer lasting relief to chronic pain patients.
Pain management specialists are skilled to diagnose and treat your bone and joint pain. One of the leading pain clinics, DISC, in Tempe, AZ has Board certified and Fellowship trained pain doctors who are experienced in treating acute and chronic pain conditions.
The pain doctors are experts in the most recent, cutting-edge therapies and procedures to address your pain. They focus exclusively on treating pain and its underlying root cause.
The pain doctors often employ a multidisciplinary approach to treat pain. The goal is to treat the whole person and not just a disease. That’s why at DISC, providers from different medical fields work together to provide the best possible relief to pain sufferers. This can include –
* minimally invasive interventional procedures
* physical therapy
* lifestyle modification
* chiropractor care, and more
All these practitioners work in tandem with you to offer you the best solution to your chronic pain.
Pain is a subjective experience and different for different people, even though the underlying condition may be the same. That is why each patient deserves an accurate diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan specific to him or her. DISC providers work with pain patients to find a treatment or treatments customized to their needs.
For instance, let’s take a patient suffering from complex regional pain syndrome who has tried a number of treatment options without any lasting relief. But the pain management doctor advises electrical nerve stimulation, which can bring effective pain relief.
Interventional pain management techniques are also a boon for patients who rely on pain medication or opioids for pain relief. The pain management specialists at DISC, the Chandler pain clinic, can recommend steroid injections, nerve blocks and several other treatments so that the patients can get lasting pain relief, without dependence on oral pain medication.

If you have any questions about pain management and treatment in Mesa and Tempe, AZ, call Desert Interventional Spine Consultants at 480-838-1914. DISC is committed to providing the highest quality spine care with cutting edge interventional pain treatments and precise diagnostic tests.
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