Is Stormfront Dead on The Boys? Well…

By | October 10, 2020

The following story contains massive spoilers for Season 2 of The Boys. Stop reading if you haven’t seen the show or the Season 2 finale!

Definitely the best new addition—and perhaps the best part overall—of The Boys season 2 was the character of Stormfront (Aya Cash), a new Supe in The Seven who at first sort of seemed like a Kylie Jenner-meets-Storm-meets-Thor influencer/superhero. As it turned out over the course of the season, though, her lightning-from-the-fingertips superpower was a little more Emperor Palpatine than Storm or Thor, and she also turned out to be a little more…literal 100-year-0ld Nazi than Kylie Jenner-esque influencer. Quite the turn, but one that was stunning to watch.

Of course, considering the fact that Stormfront turned out to be basically the human embodiment of racism and evil, her time on The Boys always seemed numbered, even after she somehow seemed to turn Homelander even more evil and depraved than he already was.

And in the Season 2 finale, she got her Nazi ass fucking handed to her. One of the best scenes of the whole series came when Stormfront tried to fight off Maeve, Starlight, and Kimiko and the three of them beat her into submission and forced her to escape.

Eventually, this led Stormfront to the woods, where she threatened both Billy Butcher and Becca Butcher—leading to Homelander’s son, Ryan, unloading his heat vision on her. And this, seemingly, would be the end of Stormfront. Or so we think.

Is Stormfront dead on The Boys?

Well, the obvious answer would be “yes, duh.” We saw Stormfront get heat visioned to death by Homelander’s son, Ryan, and left chanting in German, basically looking like Anakin Skywalker after his run-in with Obi-Wan Kenobi on Mustafar. Homelander and Ryan talk over her body, before Maeve shows up to blackmail Homelander into leaving everyone alone—at least for the time being.

The next we hear of Stormfront, it’s from Stan Edgar and Homelander lying through their teeth at a press conference; Edgar claims that Stormfront acted alone, causing the head explosions of Episode 7 (when we never really suspected Stormfront, and found out the identity of the real head exploder shortly after). Homelander then says that Stormfront—who was, of course, his girlfriend—”has been neutralized and is being held in an undisclosed location.”

The viewer’s instinct, here, is probably to think that Stormfront died not long after we last saw her, and that this is yet another cover up in a show filled with cover-ups. But granted what we’ve previously seen from Stormfront—Homelander lasering her breasts as part of sexual foreplay, her getting shot about a hundred times to basically no avail—we might have to invoke the old “until we see a dead body…” trope. Stormfront looked pretty damn near death, but we never saw her totally dead, did we?

Cash doesn’t necessarily expect to return for Season 3 of The Boys; she told that she really was only ever signed up for a one-season role. But she’s not ruling anything out.

aya cash as stormfront

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“I had a wonderful experience on The Boys, I was always signed up for one year, so who knows?” she said in an interview with “If the writers have something for me to do, I will absolutely be there. I think Stormfront’s story has been told very well, in terms of the arc of what happened, but if they want me back, I will be back in a second.”

Given that Season 3 is only now being written, and showrunner Eric Kripke… didn’t show a dead body, well, the possibility is there. And we know that Homelander has his secluded cabin where he met up with Doppleganger as Madeline Stillwell. Would it shock anyone if that sadistic maniac had some sort of Frankenstein/Darth Vader version of Stormfront hidden in that cabin?

Granted, Homelander is kind of in a vice from Starlight and Maeve right now, so that might be tricky. And given that Stormfront’s cover has been blown, and everyone knows that she’s not only a Nazi, but now thinks she blew everyone’s head up, it might be a little tricky for her to find a functioning spot in society, even if she did somehow survive and recover.But between Homelander, and the evil corporation they all work for—one who has already rehabilitated Stormfront’s racist past once—the possibility does seem to be on the table, even if it’s a fairly unlikely one.

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