How Drug Abuse Develops

By | March 15, 2017

Codeine addiction affects men and women in many different parts of the world, especially in places where it is available to obtain without a prescription. If taken in unmoderated doses over a long period of time, codeine addiction can result.

This isn’t surprising when you look into where Codeine actually comes from. Codeine originates from the poppy flower, the same source as morphine and heroin; it acts as a strong painkiller. This prescribed substance is used to deal with such minor conditions as headaches, discomfort, anxiousness and elevated blood pressure. Long-term Codeine addiction might cause a number of medical problems for the user.

Codeine is a relatively popular drug that is typically used in the medical industry to deal with discomfort and is a cough suppressant too. It is a narcotic pain killer that is available by doctor’s prescription only, although some men and women can get a hold of it with no prescription. As a medical drug, this substance is controlled, mainly because of the ability to be obsessive. It is used recreationally as well and can be very obsessive.

Codeine comes in a number of preparation, like tablets and liquid form. A lot of abusers use it since it gives a sense of excitement. Even though this substance requires a prescription in America, in Mexico and some other countries it is easily obtained without a prescription. A lot of people use codeine with alcoholic beverages, and whether it’s abused with alcohol or used alone, it may cause a variety of bad side effects upon the body.

While codeine abuse may offer a feeling of excitement and pleasure when it’s used, it has a lot of negative effects as well. A few of the results that occur with codeine addiction include frustration, lack of motor skills, dizziness, and restlessness. In extraordinary instances and when men and women overdose on this substance, it can depress the breathing, result in renal system damage, and it may even lead to death as well.

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Sadly, a lot of men and women find themselves dependent on Codeine. Not only is addiction to Codeine a physical issue, but it is a psychological one too, and if you are dependent you will need specialized help along with detox for addiction to get over this abuse. It is crucial that you understand that your dependency is really a problem, and then you need to make the choice to get assistance. You can find a variety of different drug treatment programs that are available to you without cost, where experts can assist you overcome your obsession with Codeine.

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