Fish Oil Tablets Or Capsules – Which is Best?

By | December 11, 2017

If you are wondering whether it is best to take fish oil tablets or capsules this article should help you decide. With so many different types on the market today there is a huge difference in quality, the same as everything else you buy.

So, why are we looking to take this supplement? The reason is, it contains omega 3 fatty acids. Reputable scientists are telling us that we are deficient in these very important nutrients.This is not good considering that they are extremely important to the health of our brain and the rest of our body.

As I have already mentioned, there is a huge difference in quality. The fish oil tablets could be hiding a poor quality cheap contaminated product that is low in essential omega 3 fatty acids.There are a lot of these inferior supplements sold in pharmacies and supermarkets.

Whereas, if you have a capsule you can cut it open and put it to the smell test. If it smells okay you know that it is fresh and safe to take. However there is more that you should know before you rush out to buy just any capsule.

A pharmaceutical grade is best.These are produced using very high standards so you know the you have a high quality product. By now you have probably decided on capsules rather than a fish oil tablet but there is a couple of other things to be aware of.

Your product should be molecularly distilled so that all possible impurities are completely removed, ensuring a high quality product. After all, you want to improve your health, not damage it.

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There are various types of fatty acids. The most important of these is omega 3 DHA. If this is present in the body it can manufacture another important fatty acid known as omega 3 EPA. One of the greatest sources of omega 3 DHA comes from the Hoki fish which is found in the southern ocean off the coast of New Zealand. The only other species that comes close to that is  Salmon from Alaska.

So, there you have it, now that you know the answer to fish oil tablets or capsules why not take an extra couple of minutes and click on the link to discover the affordable, high quality omega 3 supplements that I take. And now to learn more about the wonderful benefits of pure fish oil for good health and vitality you are invited to go to: