Does the Jenny Craig Diet Plan Really Work?

By | October 24, 2016

I was one of the many who got caught up with the Jenny Craig Diet Plan hype. It is getting really famous with all the endorsements it has been getting. The celebrities are doing a great job of promoting this supposedly incredible diet plan. Kirstie Alley and Valerie Bertinelli have been all over magazines claiming the effectiveness of this program and to make the endorsement even bigger, Queen Latifah goes around confirming what the first two female celebrities had declared. Further, their videos are filled with testimonials from different people including pictures of their former heavyweight selves and their contrasting transformed bodies.

Their promotion advertisements were indeed irresistible so I tried it. I was excited to finally find something that would make me not only look better but also help boost my self-esteem even just a little. Then as I entered one of their centers, talked to one of the sales representative, I suddenly had an idea that most of their funds probably go to promotional materials and not hiring enough reliable employees. The person we talked to did not entirely make the program seem a good idea.

The Jenny Craig Diet Plan includes first and foremost counseling sessions. I liked the idea of counseling because I felt that talking to people who understand my condition would make me feel ultimately better but it did not happen as I expected. The counselors forming this Jenny Craig Diet Plan were either genetically thin who have never experienced being overweight all their lives or unqualified endorsers of this program. How could they ever convince me that their program really works when they, themselves never had a need for it or they simply do not look the part?

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Even the classes they provided were fairly predictable. The curriculum contained nothing one would not get from a basic diet book. Buying a book would cost much cheaper, too. Plus, the “teachers” did not really seem like they are experts in the areas of nutrition and behavior modification.

They appeared really unconvincing but I still decided to give their diet plan a try considering the statements of Kirstie Alley even though the food selection in their menu is really quite expensive. I half expected that since what they are selling me is supposedly healthy, it would probably taste good. But as it appears to go on with this Jenny Craig Diet Plan, my expectations were wrong again. I should have followed my instincts rather than let myself be fooled by the wonders of commercialism. I soon realized that the Jenny Craig Diet Plan is just all about making money. They provide customers with useless counseling sessions and even more unproductive classes then shove their expensive food to their faces-to my face.

I suffered for two months, trying to consume the food I bought with my hard-earned money. It had all gone to waste. The diet did not produce any results aside from extra weight. This plan really is all a mistake because it is clearly based on the wrong principles–that is if it was based on any principle at all. Thankfully, I found another diet plan that actually works. Fat Loss for Idiots promised to take nine pounds out of me every 11 days and it did and it is so inexpensive that anyone can afford it.

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