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Planned Parenthood barred from Title X funds under final rule

Under a final rule released today, Planned Parenthood and other programs where abortion is a method of family planning, are barred from getting Title X federal funding. The rule also prohibits referrals for abortion as a method of family planning. The final rule does not bar nondirective counseling on abortion, but eliminates the requirement that… Read More »

Sleeping pills rule

by micahb37 You have to admire the marketers. Sometimes, they succeed beyond their wildest expectations. Who would have thought the market for sleeping pills could become so vast. The reason is slightly hard to understand. First, there seems to be an epidemic of insomnia. Millions of people are either pacing from room to room at… Read More »

Do Fast Weight Loss Diet a Good Idea? No, Unless It is Based Around this One Important Rule

This then leads to a lot of people who are looking for the next best quick weight loss diet, hoping that he can get amazing results quickly. This also leads many people prefer to use of dangerous diet pills, or even going to liposuction and other procedures. However, due to diet, is dropping the pounds… Read More »