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New Research from the CWMH: Prenatal Supplement Containing Folate May Reduce Depressive Symptoms During Pregnancy

While there is research to support the reproductive safety of many antidepressants, many woman and their providers ask about alternatives to traditional antidepressants in women who are pregnant or planning to conceive.  In a recent study, Dr. Marlene Freeman and colleagues at the Center for Women’s Mental Health explored the use of a folate-based preparation… Read More »

Mauget Tebuject 16 4ml, Tree Injector, Fungicide, Containing Tebuconazole 16%, 24 Caps

TebujectTM16 is a completely enclosed micro-infusion system containing 16% Tebuconazole, a Triazole fungicide that inhibits sterol synthesis necessary for fungal development. It is more concentrated than Tebuject, and continues to provide added control of oak wilt, in addition to leaf diseases such as elm, ash, maple and sycamore anthracnose. Tebuject 16 is traditionally used best… Read More »