Liver Cleanse Diet: 100 Best and Effective Natural Liver Cleanse Recipes To Maximize Your Liver Detox

By | September 13, 2016
Liver Cleanse Diet: 100 Best and Effective Natural Liver Cleanse Recipes To Maximize Your Liver Detox

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Cleanse Your Body, Eliminate Toxins, And Feel Like a Superman!

Here are what some people have to say…

“Yes! It works!!! I never believed in this whole liver cleanse thing. I even did a cleanse a couple months ago which did almost nothing for me. The pressure in my gallbladder built up so much that I had already started to look into surgery. I decided to try one more cleanse. Best decision I ever made. I passed close to a 100 stones. Thanks Jennifer!”

“This is actually one of the most eye-opening books I have ever read. The flush passed at least 200 stones. The next day I literally 5 years younger. If you’ve had your gallbladder removed it’s definitely a must!”

“I didn’t know that Liver Cleanse, detoxification, and liver maintenance is one of the fastest ways to lose excess weight and keep it off. Talk about 2 birds with 1 stone.”

You might already know this…but the main functions of the liver is to separate nutrients from food, make bile, remove toxins from the body, and build proteins. It’s one of our most important organs and has a massive effect on our bodies.

So we probably want to take good care of it right? And, I’m sure you don’t want to experience those extremely Painful gallstones

If you’re like me and feel overwhelmed with the amount of cleanse/diet plans out there, and having to choose which one is best for you, look no further. It took me ages to sift through the mass amounts of content out there to finally find something that works.

I spent several months boiling all my research and knowledge down to it’s simplest juicy form…

My book takes out all the nitty-gritty page filling non-sense that most authors are forced into putting in their books by their publishers to fill up the book. I give you only the information you NEED to know and can actually USE.

It’s just how you like it… short,sweet, and straight to the point.

In This Book You Will Learn:

– What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Gallstones In the Liver?

What Causes Gallstones

– How to Easily and Painlessly Remove Gallstone In the Comfort of Your Own Home

A Full Complete 7-Day Liver/Gallbladder AND Diet Program

– Epsom Salts For Liver Cleanse? Are They Good or Bad?

Liver Friendly Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

– What to Expect After The Cleanse

How to Avoid Gallstones In The Future

Why Should You Get MY Liver Cleanse Book?

– What a lot of books don’t tell you is what to do BEFORE actually doing the liver cleanse to make the whole process a lot easier on your body. I tell you all about this in Chapter 2.

Should you use Epsom Salts? Do they actually pull toxins out of your body or is it a pile of crap? I interviewed several practicing doctors to see what they had to say.

– I have designed a complete 7-Day Cleanse AND Diet Program.

I have also included a whole section on Liver Friendly Recipes to help you maintain that amazing post-cleanse body you worked hard for. I even threw in some soups, salads, and my favorite… Kidney Tea!

If you’ve ever tried to do a cleanse before and failed – don’t worry! It wasn’t your fault. You just haven’t been guided by the right person yet.

So what are you waiting for?

Dive into the book now and learn everything you need to know about The Liver Cleanse and how to avoid those painful! gallstones.

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