Cure For Diarrhea – Your Basic Guide

By | May 12, 2017

Diarrhea is the loosening of the stool which makes a person feels sick. The cure for diarrhea is easy and many use traditional homely methods to cure it. However, the treatment differs according to the cause that had caused the diarrhea to happen.

The various symptoms that occurs due to Diarrhea are pain in the lower abdomen, watery stool or loosened stool, fever, stomach crams, at times when it becomes severe it results in vomiting and thus that leads to weakness. Diarrhea occurs due to improper food and due to bacteria and other fungus that enters through the food we eat. Many a times diarrhea occurs due to tension and stress because it leads to improper digestion and therefore diarrhea occurs; therefore, food poisoning, consumption of alcohol in excessive amounts, improper or excess of food, fungal infection and other stomach infection.

Do not start the treatment just when you feel that you are suffering from Diarrhea, wait for an hour or two. Take medicines that are usually taken to cure diarrhea but if it is not cured within few hours consult the doctor immediately. Dehydration is a common reason for diarrhea. It occurs due to the loss of water in the body. When we are exposed to heat then our body fluid is utilized and it gets dehydrated which results to stomach upset. The right remedy of diarrhea is to drink lots of water, take good rest and proper medication. You can have fruit juices to gain energy and give your body the required water it needs. This is the time when you need to check your food habits like you should not eat meat, egg or any heavy food, avoid dairy products. Try having soups and very light food.

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It is prescribed not to have medicines until the diarrhea lasts for few days. If it does not get cured after a period of five days do consult a doctor. You can have the medicines that are usually available in the medical stores for diarrhea but the best way to treat diarrhea is by natural process. Have green bananas, it reduces the pain in the abdomen and is used popularly as a cure for diarrhea among children. Another way is to have carob powders which will reduce the irritation that is usually experienced in diarrhea in the intestines. You can mix this with curd and have it in a proper quantity. Apples have been used as an ancient way to treat diarrhea, it contains pectin which can help in curing diarrhea. If you have an old grandmother then the only obvious remedy that she would prescribe would be one spoon of vinegar, it works very effectively in curing the symptoms of diarrhea.

Though the cure for diarrhea is various yet in children it is found usually. The amount of weakness that it brings is too much for them to handle. We may take it very lightly but if not taken proper care of diarrhea can lead to death. Our environment to some extent is also responsible for it pollution and other toxic elements that are released in the air are also causes of diarrhea. The cure of diarrhea is taken at the right time will remove it from its root and make your stomach clean.

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