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The Killers and a Cover Album?

by ðஜClix Renfew ஜð The Killers have been a band for a little while and already they are thinking of making a cover album. The Killers made their stardom with such hits like “Somebody Told Me” and “Mr. Brightside” and are already thinking of a new album. Sometimes in the music industry bands have to make… Read More »

Pain Killers: A Novel

“Often brilliant, always compelling.” — Pittsburgh Tribune From acclaimed and controversial author Jerry Stahl comes one of the most vividly subversive, savagely funny, explosive novels yet unleashed in our tender century. Pain Killers is a violent and mind-wrenching masterpiece in the Gonzo Noir style that has earned Jerry Stahl his legion of avid fans. For… Read More »

Most Unexpected Nature Killers

by Soulfull We sometimes think that tiny animal species may hardly find food to maintain their lives but actually, many of them can become dangerous hunters whenever they observe suitable preys by different ways. You can know a little bit about the unexpected nature killers through some information provided by this article.   Whether you… Read More »