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Sleep Disorder and Its Cause

by torbakhopper There are a lot of causes of sleep disorders, from simple nightmares up to more serious one such as neurological problems. This sleeping problem is indicated by the difference from the normal sleeping pattern. It is indicated by the sleeplessness, intermittent sleeping behavior, or oversleeping. If you have constant sleep disorder, it will… Read More »

Anxiety Disorder Physical Symptoms

by AndGeorgeMakes4 Studios Though frequently considered a “mental” condition, there are any number of anxiety and stress. Not to get too holistic here, but the mind and the body are one unit: what happens in the mind will be voiced through the body. That isn’t to assert that everybody will face the same symptoms, however… Read More »

General Anxiety Disorder Symptoms (GAD)

by Neil. Moralee Do you worry excessively? Have you been worrying excessively for over six months? If you answer yes to these questions you may be suffering from general anxiety disorder. In this article we will discuss the condition itself and reveal the common symptoms associated with general anxiety disorder/generalized anxiety disorder. Generalized anxiety disorder… Read More »