Pain Relievers For Dogs – The Best Pain Relievers For Your Dog

By | April 27, 2018

If you have already diagnosed your dog is in pain this is half of the battle won as it is often a very hard thing to do simply due to the fact that a lot of dogs do not vocalise their pain. So the next step is finding the appropriate pain reliever for your dog. This article will outline some of the most commonly used pain relievers for dogs and outline their effectiveness and in which situations they should be used.

Dog Aspirin – Dog aspirin is often used to treat dogs with pain associated with conditions such as arthritis and this is because as well as working as an effective pain reliever for dogs, it also treats inflammation. So if your dogs joints are swollen from a condition such as arthritis, aspirin will help to reduce swelling as well as treat the pain. When giving your dog aspirin it is always wise to read the instructions that will come with the aspirin, because to high of a dose can result in stomach ulcers and thin blood.

Prescription Drugs/ Rimadyl – Rimadyl is the most popular FDA approved prescription drug used by vets as pain relievers for canines. They have proven to be very effective in treating dogs pain with most owners reporting a noticeable difference within a few days. The only downside is there are some reported side effects and some dogs are more susceptible including retrievers and Labradors. These include liver failure and kidney failure, so it is best to consult a professional before using any prescription drugs.

Dog Supplements – There are a variety of dog supplements that are on the market that have ingredients that have been clinically proven to help reverse the onset of dog arthritis and increase joint mobility while greatly reducing the pain and discomfort that some dogs will suffer in their joints. The downside to some supplements are they are not FDA approved so it is a case of having to try and find a supplement that meets FDA manufacturing requirements and has a proven track record for use a pain relievers in dogs.

So in conclusion these are the most pain relief methods that are currently being used for dogs by vets as well as dog owners. With the advent of the internet there are numerous websites that are dedicated purely to pain medication for dogs and many of these large internet pharmacies offer prescriptions and supplements at a fraction of the price of traditional pharmacies.

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