The Best Diet Pills to Help You Lose Your Excess Weight

By | October 9, 2016

Do you really want to lose your excess weight? If yes, what do you think a realistic target is? 5 lbs a month? 10 lbs a month? What if we told you that even 20 lbs a month is an attainable target?

We can easily guess your question: “How can I do that?”

Our team of diet experts has a lot of experience on what works and what does not.
Based on this expertise and on the thousands of positive testimonials by dieters, here is a list of the three best diet pills which are available today:

The Three Best Diet Pills

1. Phen 375

Phen 375 is our top recommendation among the best diet pills. In our experience, we believe that it is currently the most effective diet pill on the market.
This diet pill has a dual capacity. Its primary function is to speed up the fat burning process. It can also reduce the fat levels of the body by converting fat to energy and it can increase your energy levels and vitality. Its secondary function is that of an appetite suppressant that reduces your cravings and your calorific intake.

Phen 375 comes in the form of a capsule; it needs no medical prescription and is FDA approved. It is also free of dangerous side effects (like the ones caused by the banned Phentermine).

Realistic weight-loss expectations for Phen375 range from between 3 to 5 lbs per week that is a total of 20lbs per month.

2. Proactol Plus

Proactol Plus is a fat binder which prevents the digestive system from absorbing approximately 30% of the ingested fat. It is the most potent fat binder and one of the best diet pills of its kind.

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As a secondary function, it acts as a moderate appetite suppressant that prevents cravings and over-eating.

Proactol Plus is a non-prescription diet pill and it can contribute to the lowering of your calorie intake by up to 300 calories per day. It is safe to use and has plenty of positive user feedback in its favour. In fact, it has been known as one of the most medically accredited diet pills in the non-prescription category.

3. Meratol

Meratol is a very effective carb-blocker that also acts as a metabolism booster. It blocks up to 80% of the ingested carbohydrates, suppresses your appetite and helps your body burn calories faster by boosting its metabolic rate.

It is these combined reasons that position Meratol as one of the best diet pills in the non-prescription category. While being a relatively new pill on the market, it has received much positive feedback in a short time – making it one of the leading diet pills of its generation as it tends to combine multiple slimming approaches in one product.

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