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Cannabis may spark the munchies — so why aren’t users gaining weight?

When Cody Lindsay gets the munchies, fuzzy peach candies are his go-to snack. The former navy vet, who served as a cook and now publishes recipes as The Wellness Soldier, is also known for his decadent chocolate cheesecake pot brownies. But while the 37-year-old describes himself as “a touch overweight,” he doesn’t think the onslaught… Read More »

Objective measures aren’t perfect at predicting real-life clinical ability

Scott Hippe, MD | Education | October 27, 2019 “Can we please try to be objective about this!” I said these words to myself over and over during this year’s interview season as we formulated our residency rank list. At my institution, the residents and faculty have equal sway in forming the rank list. The chief… Read More »

Providers aren’t consistently screening for social determinants of health

Few physician practices and hospitals in the United States screen patients for all five key social needs associated with health outcomes. That’s the finding of a cross-sectional study conducted by The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. Researchers leveraged national survey data from 2,190 physician practices and 739 hospitals to assess the prevalence… Read More »

Uh, People Apparently Aren’t Allowed to Bring Up Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with the Queen

Apparently palace aides are warning the Queen’s guests not to bring up Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The Queen was reportedly “hurt” that Meghan went to NYC instead of coming to Balmoral on holiday with the royals. Awkward times at Buckingham Palace, apparently. According to a new report, palace aides are warning the Queen’s visitors… Read More »

Radiation oncologists aren’t just strangers in the basement

“We have a consult for radiation oncology regarding a 60-year-old gentleman with a history of lung cancer and is currently admitted. His oncologist is Dr. Heme Onc.” As a new radiation oncology resident, I was surprised to hear the consulting physician refer to the patient’s medical oncologist as “his oncologist.” What about the patient’s radiation… Read More »