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Colored Glasses Relieve Migraines By Normalizing Brain Activity

Researchers have made use of fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) to show how colored glasses bring migraine relief by normalizing brain activity.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCEDOI: 10.1177/0333102411409076 When individuals with migraine saw intense patterns, specific abnormal brain activity was observed by the researchers. The effect was considerably reduced with tinted lenses. Specific visual stimuli known for triggering… Read More »

Medical News Today: IBS: Telephone- and web-based CBT relieve symptoms

The usual treatment for irritable bowel syndrome consists of drugs and advice on lifestyle and diet. Now, a new study suggests that giving interactive web-based or telephone-based cognitive behavioral therapy on top of usual care can reduce symptoms more effectively than standard care alone for those whose IBS is not responding to drugs. New research… Read More »

Acupressure Helps Relieve Breast Cancer Treatment Symptoms (STUDY)

A study has found that acupressure could be a low-cost, DIY solution for a set of persistent side effects which remain after conventional treatment for breast cancer is completed. It was reported by researchers in 2016 that acupressure helped with a reduction of fatigue in breast cancer survivors. This current study examined how acupressure impacted… Read More »