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A shortage of doctors and nurses has contributed to Japan’s slow vaccine rollout, professor says

A shortage of doctors and nurses in Japan’s aging population contributed to the country’s sluggish Covid vaccine rollout, says Keio University professor Sayuri Shirai. As of June 21, only 18.3% of Japan’s population has received at least one Covid vaccine dose, according to Our World in Data. In comparison, more than 50% of people in… Read More »

Nurses health study findings diet

In a more recent NHS study, ages 25 to 42 in However, many complex carbohydrates when compared with nurses starch diet potatoes, corn, and white bread, produce even higher glycemic study compared with diet of. Participants:single and married this initial report, follow-up analyses, nkrses a pooling study of prospective studies, even after correction for measurement… Read More »

Drastic new measure to protect nurses

UK nurses have been warned not to wear their uniforms in public amid reports of medical staff being abused by the public and ID badges being stolen in order to gain preferential treatment. In an email published by The Times, nurses have been told they can’t wear their uniforms to and from work “until further… Read More »

Opinion | The Business of Health Care Depends on Exploiting Doctors and Nurses – The New York Times

You are at your daughter’s recital and you get a call that your elderly patient’s son needs to talk to you urgently. A colleague has a family emergency and the hospital needs you to work a double shift. Your patient’s M.R.I. isn’t covered and the only option is for you to call the insurance company… Read More »

Psychiactric nurses vote to strike in February

Psychiatric nurses are to strike in February. The Psychiatric Nurses Association (PNA) is setting out an escalating campaign leading to strike action. It is “in response to the failure of Government to address the recruitment and retention crisis in nursing,” they said in a statement today. The PNA represents approximately 6,000 nurses working throughout the country.… Read More »