Miracle Diet For Weight Loss

By | November 27, 2016

If you are going on a weight loss program, it is very important to focus on an effective diet plan. All your workout sessions and cutting down on certain food items or abstaining from food for several days will go waste if you don’t eat the right diet.

Almost all diet plans (effective ones!) are based on limited amount of carbohydrates, high caloric products and fats. When going on a diet plan, you can relish good food options such as roughages, green leafy vegetables and good stuffs with less calories.

Experts believe that one should follow a diet designed to lose at least 1-2 pounds in a week. Weight loss is easier at this rate. It is also healthy and provides long lasting results. You must plan accordingly and allot proper number of weeks for dieting the 1-2 pounds losing rule each week.

Under such a plan, if you want to lose about 10 pounds, you would require at least five weeks of dieting in order to guarantee healthy weight loss.

Things to eat

You should focus on eating a balanced diet. Here is the exact amount of food groups you should focus on:

Food Groups, Amounts, Serving, Days:

– Lean protein, 35-45%, 1 daily

– Complex Carbohydrates, 25-35%, 1 daily

– Fat, 15-25%, 1 daily

– Vegetables & Fruits, 2-3 servings daily

– Saturated fats, few servings weekly

– Trans Fatty acids, few servings weekly

Experts feel that you should not reduce your diet all of a sudden. You can start by reducing your daily in take to 250 calories. You can slowly start working towards reducing your daily in take by as much as 450 calories. They will work towards accomplishing your goal.

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Another trick is to go for the cabbage soup diet. This diet plan has been used by dieters for a long time now. There are several versions to this diet. However, the simplest one is the one that include eating a cabbage soup when you are hungry. The soup will fill you up and also help you to stay on a low calorie diet for a long time. When on a cabbage soup diet you are not supported to take oily and fatty food stuffs. Cabbage soup diet consists of very low calories. Hence, this diet is supposed to be one of the most effective diets for weight loss.

You can also go for slim fast diet. This diet will help in controlling hunger for more than about four hours. The diet is well balanced and very nutritional. It is also rich in calcium and proteins. Experts feel that this diet plan is planned especially for in a way that the dieter takes it for about six times in a day. You can add good amount of fruits, yogurt and cottage cheese. Slim fast diet also includes fresh vegetables, meals and nuts. The diet also provides you good taste and flavor. It is the best diet for losing weight, especially for teenagers.

All the diet plans mentioned above would help you lose weight. It would be wise to consult a health care practitioner prior to going on a diet for weight loss.

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