How to get rid of lower back pain? Know more about Lower back pain remedies

By | March 30, 2017

Lower back pain is common across all age groups these days. Younger adults (30-60 yrs) are more likely to experience back pain from disc related issues (lumbar degenerative disc disease or herniation) or from a strain/sprain in back muscles/ligaments or soft tissues.
Older adults (over 60yrs) are more likely to suffer from pain related to wear & tear – joint degeneration (e.g. osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis) or from an osteoporotic compression fracture.

The pain varies from a mild ache to severe debilitating pain. It could be localised in the back or also travel down the legs with other symptoms like tingling, numbness & weakness in the legs.

If you are struggling with low back pain because of any cause remembers to ‘stay positive’! Lower back pain is manageable. There are many different lower back pain remedies available & the prognosis is very good.

In this article, let us try to know more about some management/treatment options to help you make an informed choice.

Various lower back pain remedies:

Consulting your doctor/specialist
If this is your first episode of back pain it would be good to consult your doctor. Back pain is rarely an emergency but getting assessed & using guidance will help you manage better. In case your pain is severe or not improving over 6-8 weeks a Specialist opinion may be necessary.

Treatment with drugs/injections/surgery
Doctors use a wide range of drugs to relieve back pain. These range from simple over the counter drugs to more complex medications that are formulated to tackle specific conditions. It may be necessary to use drugs for a short period of time but after this Rehabilitation is extremely important to prevent future episodes. Injections targeted to the specific area of problem or Surgery may be necessary as lower back pain remedy.

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Consulting a Physiotherapist
At your first meeting your Physiotherapist will carry out a detailed Physical Examination, look at your medical history, ask you about general health, medications you are taking etc A Physiotherapist uses various non-invasive methods for pain relief & exercises to strengthen your back.

Using Massage; Massage is an excellent way of relaxing tense, aching muscles. It is a very useful adjunct as a lower back pain remedy.

Using Acupuncture; Acupuncture is found to have very good results with back pain. The flow of Chi’ energy is restored in the body helping to cure your illness.

Relaxation Techniques; Learning to relax completely regardless of the stresses of everyday life could be your key to banishing back pain forever. Breathing exercises & techniques, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Progressive Muscle Relaxation are all very helpful as lower back pain remedies.

Spine Care Products as Lower Back Pain Remedy;
Using an Ergonomic Office Chair, a Lumbar Support, a Footrest, a Memory Foam mattress & pillow, Orthotic Footwear are all examples of products that are effective as back pain remedies. They help to support your spine well & reduce stresses causing pain relief.

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